When you take good care of your residents, it shows. You treat them with dignity and respect. You take care of them to the best of your abilities. They remember. Their families remember. At Ana's PHC, we've been caring for the elderly for over a decade. Before that, we were raised to respect our elders. We were taught patience. We were taught values that seem old fashioned now but sure do come in handy - things like how to cook and how to clean and how to manage a household. 

Our residents know they're in good hands, and it shows in what they have to say about us


Dr. W. R. (Resident)

I've been a resident with Ana for almost eight years and I've no complaints. Ana takes great care of me. The food is excellent, and I would recommend this place to anyone who is interested in being properly cared for - especially if they are disabled. 

D.M. (Family Member)

Ana has been the best caregiver I have ever known. She has a lot of patience with my brother and knows how to keep him calm when he gets upset. She has a gift of love that shows through to all that know her. Being a Christian woman, she puts herself last and everyone else first. She is a true saint. 

W. M. (Resident)

I have lived with Ana for two years. Prior to moving here, I had not known exactly what a personal care home was and, frankly, had some concerns about it. The care I have received has exceeded my expectations. I am allowed a degree of independence, and my privacy is respected. My living here has been less institutional and more of a caring, family relationship. I recommend Ana as a caregiver without reservation.

D.M. (Family Member)

Ana has been taking care of my father for the past eight years. If you have not met Ana, she is a beautiful person inside and out. The kind of person you would want as a lifelong friend. She is kind, compassionate & inspiring to all who know her. My father is going to be 84 this year. His biggest disability is that he is blind. Ana has provided a comfortable, safe, clean & loving environment for my father to live in. She is an incredible cook. The meals she provides are nutritious, fresh, and always served on a regular schedule unlike some other small personal care homes. Many older people become lonely and depressed and, when my dad is having one of those moments, Ana takes extra time to encourage him, make him exercise, and pray with and for him. We have had dad at some other facilities and I have to say that none of them hold a candle to what Ana provides. They may appear to be better facilities, but the lack of consistent care and meals dumped out of a can, at a much higher price, can’t compete. You have to meet Ana face to face to understand what I am talking about.